Martas Vineyard Canine Resort

519 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804



     Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort, located in Brookfield, CT offers dog and cat boarding as well as doggie daycare. Whether planning a vacation, a business trip, or just a weekend away, peace of mind can make all the difference in the quality of your time away.  We can help you by providing he best vacation experience possible for your pet.  At Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort we will provide you with a highly trained and caring staff.  Marta's was specifically created as a separate facility from our animal hospital Valley Veterinary Hospital in New Milford so that pets can receive the best care and vacation services without being overshadowed by medical cases.


    The Resort is named in honor of Marta, an English Hunting dog who was a long time family companion.     

Canine Guest Rooms 

Dog Boarding and Daycare at Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort Brookfield CT

Daycare Services 

Doggie Day Care Services at Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort Brookfield CT 

Feline Guests 

Cat Boarding at Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort CT



Dog and Cat boarding rates at Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort CT


Pamper Services


Veterinary Services 

Dr. A at Squibnocket Animal Center next to Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort in Brookfield CT



Understanding vaccines from Squibnocket Animal Center in Brookfield CT


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